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New Phantom makeup and costume photos

Hello again everyone. I thought I'd post some pictures taken this evening with my last go 'round of POTO makeup (when I get around to it, I'll have all new supplies to fool around with instead of the cotton/latex route I'm currently doing). I'm very interested in recreating Phantom's deformities featured in the stage show, and have progressively refined my process over the last year and a half. I've always kept things "on a budget," making the prosthetics from cotton and latex, but this year I'll be stepping up to full on molds, bald caps, wigs...basically everything one sees in the stage show. The new set will consist nearly exclusively of Kryolan materials. I got a line on the exact shades used in the Broadway production, so I made sure to go the Kryolan route with rubber mask grease paint, matching cream, highlights/shadows, etc. I'm very excited about the transition, even though my bank account is not.

I have two websites, one is my main site entitled Phantom on a Budget. There you'll find Phantom makeup photos and instructions, costume photos, and some humor. The entire thing's a bit tongue-in-cheek. I also have a new LJ community where friends and I discuss various POTO-related makeup techniques, supplies, etc.

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The new German replica mask (Thomas Schulze mold):
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Inside of the mask, complete with wire and suede lining (just like the real thing):
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My attempt at being artistic or something silly like that:
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Original Leroux novel version:

And since I really wasn't kidding about me being a girl and dressing up as the Phantom (WEIRD!), I figured I'd post my "real life" photo just for posterity:
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WOW!!!!!! Everything on this entry is just amazing!!!
Thanks! What did you like best?

I was looking through some old posts of mine on this community, and the entire ensemble has really come a long way.
That really is some amazing stuff! I've always been a sucker for makeup effects (my personal documentary on the subject is pretty hilarious if I do say so myself), and rarely do I see anything quite so well done. At least not amateurly! Really very impressive, and I'm particularly fond of the Leroux take :D
Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it and really appreciate the comments. :)