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Phantom Cape Question/Desperation

Hello all. I've lurked around this community for awhile and it's a wonderful resource for Christine's many costumes. However, there's a terrible dearth of good, clear Phantom reference pictures, especially for his evening suit/cape set.

I'm, thankfully, not working on a full costume (and am instead victimising a teddy bear), but I'm really picky about knowing the details and deciding what to use or not. I only need photos of his cape, specifically the collar which I *know* has quite a bit of beading but have no idea what it really looks like. Trawling through the Net has led to small, unclear photos or dead links. (Blasted books never seem to give good photos for it either.)

Terribly close to doing whatever I feel like and throwing in the mouse. So I'm appealing to the good folk here on all and any information on it. What shape is the general cape? Is it a full circle? Is it lined? With what? How is it closed/kept on? What does the beading look like? (What I wouldn't give for a good ref pic)

(I've had a couple of links to a phantomphans image gallery or a ALW costume pic site but alas, both are deader than dead. I've also been through all possible Phan sites on costumes than anyone should in two days. 'M going cross-eyed. X( )

I really would get down and worship any help given.
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