orianna2000 (orianna2000) wrote in poto_costuming,

Wishing Gown

I just found this community and thought I would share... Recently I finished my replica of the stage Wishing gown! I made it as close to the stage costume as I could while keeping it authentic for an 1870s day dress, complete with period undergarments (corset, bustle, petticoats, etc.) and period accessories to be worn when it's not in use as a Phantom dress.

If anyone has questions on how I made it, I'll be happy to answer!

Photos are below. Please ignore the fact that the bodice front is gaping... My corset wasn't laced tight enough and we didn't have time to fix it before taking the pictures. Just pretend the buttons are straight and the fabric is smooth... ;)

Side View, Front
Side View, Back
Front View
Back View, in Motion
Back View, Close-up
Back View
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