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I've never posted here before, so I'd like to post pics. of my movie version 'Think of Me' dress. It's not done yet, I have to finish the sleeves and the eyelets on the bodice, and most of the skirt needs to be done--only the silk layer has been assembled. Both these write-ups, here and here, were really helpful!

The skirt is pinned to the dress form right's not attached to a waistband.
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wow that is absolutely stunning! you should be so proud. i cant wait to see pics of you wearing it
Thank you!!


September 29 2007, 04:33:06 UTC 10 years ago

how much?I`m the biggest Phantom Of The Opera LOVER but i`m only 13
LOL:-)I discovered PtO around when the movie came out and then saw the stage show this Summer:-)