Anything But Ordinary (ihaveonlynow) wrote in poto_costuming,
Anything But Ordinary

Replica Phantom Cape (Stage)

I commissioned a replica of the stage cape from Fantasyland Costume Company in California, and it arrived a few days ago. I figured some of you may want to have a look, because the pictures may prove reasonably valuable for reference.

This is, by far, probably the most elaborate piece of the costume due to the intricate beading the cape features. Capes vary between productions, and even within a production. My cape is based off of pictures from numerous different examples from various productions. Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by John Cudia (current US National Tour Phantom) to take look at his costumes, including the famous cape. What an absolute treat that was (something I'll never forget!); it also lets me say that the replica is indeed very close to the real thing. The lining in the replica is black, whereas it is silver in the authentic capes, but that's certainly not a problem. Still beautiful, still intimidating, and still exceptionally heavy.

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