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Help with Poto mask?

Hiya, I'm singing Phantom of the Opera (the song, not the entire play, lol) for my school's talent show next month. I'm gonna be using a mask to show the audience which part I'm singing, but I'm gonna need some help with it.

Okay, so I'm thinking of making the classic movie 'halfa' mask out of clay, but there are a couple of snags in my plan.

Snag #1 ~ What kind of clay to make it out of?
          My ideas ~ I could use Play-Doh, but that might dry funkily and crinkle up. It'd probably be too heavy, as well. I could make it out of that baking clay that they sell, but is that too heavy? Also, does it shrink when it bakes? Or, I could even do papier-mache, but will that even work? If so, how to do it without pulling out my eyebrow?
Solved! (Answer= Sculpey) Much thanks to </a>mercat for the idea and to </a>ponchki for the input!

Snag #2 ~ How am I gonna keep this thing on my face?
          My ideas ~ I could use string to tie it like on Amazon (, but you can totally see the string on that guy's hairline. Plus, it's a poorly made mask, lol. I could use sticky tape to attach it to my face, but I'd have to take it off for Christine's part, then put it right back on again. The tape might lose its stickiness. And what if the clay is too heavy for the tape?
Solved! (Answer = attach clay to black headband and simply put the headband on) Much thanks to my brother for the idea and to </a>ihaveonlynow for the input!

And, in case anyone's interested, this is going to be my outfit (roughly):

with a black jacket and red pouffy tie over it (see below)

That'll be unbuttoned... and it'll look a lot better that this one. It was just the closest example I could find.

Exactly like that, except red.

Ignore the pink.

Exactly that shoe. Plus another one for my other foot. HAW HAW.

Thank you muchly for your time!
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You could try varaform it's excellent stuff but I don't know where you could buy it from and it is quite expensive but you would only need a 45x45cm square. You basically make a clay mould of the shape you want and then cover it in microwavable cling film. Then you put the varaform in a tray and pour boiling water over it to soften it and then take it out the water and pull it over the mould. You can push it into the sockets and stuff and shape it around the nose. Then you just cover it with fabric or paper mache and line the inside. Sounds long but it works!

I made this mask with it = link
I forgot to say that you have to trim off the excess varaform and cut out the eye holes before you cover it. But you can use either scissors or a knife to cut it when it's dry.
Awesome, thank you sooo much for your input! I'll have to start looking for that.
Scupley (the clay) is really easy to use and really sturdy; it's nothing like Play-Doh. The only snag is it might be heavier than a paper mache mask, and definitely heavier than a plastic one. Also, I think you're supposed to put vaseline on your face when you do a paper mache mold so it doesn't stick to you. That information should be pretty easy to find if you google it, though.
I'll have to try that out next time, lol. (Art project + no knowledge of how to painlessly papier-mache = ow) Thank you very much for your advice!
I have not worked with Sculpey for several years, but I know of other phans who have successfully created masks using that material. If you want to know more about using plaster and whatnot to make a mask, here is an in depth tutorial:

Holding it on with double sided tape is an option, but I expect it wouldn't be the most comfortable. My masks are held on with a 20 gauge wire glued to the inside of the mask. It's very difficult to see from more than a few feet away, and is easily slipped on/off.

If you're at all interested in a 2004 movie replica, a very nice one is available through Xtreme Design FX:

Hope that was helpful.
Yes, it was extremely helpful! I would definitely use the wire idea, but I can't. I'm so sorry, though, that's a great idea! Thank you very much!